Data analysis specialist in cryo-EM research-service group

IOCB Prague is a world-leading scientific institution dedicated to chemical and biological research. At IOCB, there is strong emphasis on translation of results from basic research into applications and commercial assets, such as drug discovery.

The cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) laboratory studies 3D structure of proteins and their complexes using single particle analysis (SPA). The cryo-EM laboratory thus closely cooperates with the IOCB biological groups in the field of structural biology. The team provides expertise in the field of cryo-EM sample preparation and characterization, and cryo-EM data collection. At IOCB we have local access to basic cryo-EM screening microscope (JEOL JEM2100plus operated by SerialEM) and regular access to high-end cryo-EM instrumentation at the CIETEC cryo-EM core facility via CIISB. In the future, the IOCB is committed to establish a cryo-EM facility with instrumentation for ultrahigh-resolution SPA analysis for the purposes of medicinal chemistry. In collaboration with the high-performance computing group, we provide 3D analysis of cryo-EM data at the local computing cluster (~35 GPU nodes). We also provide expertise in building atomic models of analyzed proteins and their complexes.

The successful candidate will be a key and valued member of the cryo-EM research-service group. The post holder will be responsible for SPA data analysis. The main output will be high-resolution cryo-EM 3D structure determination of proteins and their complexes. The candidate will be in charge of writing scientific reports and communicating the results with other academic scientists. The candidate will be responsible for administration of the cryo-EM data.

Additionally, the candidate will cooperate with the high-performance computing (HPC) group to optimize the SPA data analysis workflow. The candidate will help other users to familiarize with the SPA data analysis and help to write SPA data processing documentation.

Preferably, the candidate will have experience with either cryo-EM-based atomic model building, refinement and validation, or cryo-EM data collection.


  • Analysis of SPA data, high-resolution cryo-EM 3D reconstruction
  • Scientific reporting and communication with IOCB research groups
  • Cryo-EM data administration
  • SPA data analysis workflow development
  • Communication with high-performance computing group
  • SPA data processing documentation


  • Advanced level in SPA data analysis software packages (RELION is currently supported by the IOCB cluster)
  • Knowledge of Linux based HPC infrastructure computing
  • Capacity to communicate and interact with other IOCB scientists
  • Demonstrated practical training in cryo-EM data analysis preferably by scientific publications
  • Fluency in English written and oral


  • PhD degree in structural biology, biochemistry, biophysics or related field
  • Experience with SPA data analysis software package environments (, Scipion, cryoSPARC, etc.)
  • Experience in SPA data analysis automation
  • Experience with structural biology software packages (CCP-EM, SBGrid, etc.)
  • Experience with electron microscope operating software (SerialEM, EPU, etc.)
  • Scripting/programming in bash and python programming languages

We offer:

  • Competitive financial remuneration
  • 5 weeks of vacation plus 3 sick days
  • Health insurance and full benefits package incl. contribution to supplementary pension insurance and contribution to sports/culture/leisure time
  • Meals subsidy
  • Financial support for mothers with young children

Additional information:

  • Full time employment contract
  • Fixed-term contract initially for 2 years with anticipated extension
  • The position is available immediately

How to apply:

Send your application to Dr. Tomáš Kouba at Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript..

The application should consist of a cover letter (max. one page) describing your motivation, interests and experience; curriculum vitae (max. two pages), and contact information of at least two references.

Applications will be reviewed and considered until the position is filled.



The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences / IOCB Prague is a leading internationally recognized scientific institution whose primary mission is the pursuit of basic research in chemical biology and medicinal chemistry, organic and materials chemistry, chemistry of natural substances, biochemistry and molecular biology, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, and analytical chemistry. An integral part of the IOCB Prague’s mission is the implementation of the results of basic research in practice. Emphasis on interdisciplinary research gives rise to a wide range of applications in medicine, pharmacy, and other fields.