PhD student position: Strain engineering of magnetic and transport properties in thin uranium-based films

PhD student position: Strain engineering of magnetic and transport properties in thin uranium-based films at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic). Closing date: 30 November 2022.

Department of Condensed Matter Physics experimentally and theoretically addresses fundamental problems in Solid State Physics with particular interest towards the structure and magnetism of rare earth and uranium-based intermetallics. State-of-the art and advanced methodologies are applied in a professional research environment characterized by its well-established international profile. Read more at

Project description

This PhD student position is available under the supervision of Dr. Evgenia Chitrova. The project addresses the substrate-imposed strain effects on properties of thin films of unconventional superconductors with the main focus placed on the recently discovered compound UTe2. UTe2 with a non-magnetic ground state, displays rich physics which is extremely sensitive to the external variables such as temperature, magnetic field or pressure. The latter can be mimicked by inducing strain in thin films, both tensile or compressive. Strain can serve as a driving force towards to or, on the contrary, further away from magnetic instability in UTe2. A broad range of techniques both macro- and microscopic (XPS, XRD, TEM, RBS, SQUID and high fields) will be deployed to acquire understanding of the relevant structure-property relationships. Ultimately, we intend to master the state of the material, magnetic and/or superconducting, by choosing a suitable substrate.

Qualification requirements

The project is suitable for students with a Master’s degree in Physics or Chemistry. Basic knowledge of Solid State Physics and good command of English is highly desirable. Experience with X-ray diffraction methods and/or sputtering techniques is an advantage.

The selection among the eligible candidates will be based on the candidates’ documented knowledge in a relevant field of research, written and oral proficiency in English. Selected candidates will be then invited to the Physics and English language exam in person in January 2023.

Terms of employment and study

The Ph.D. study will begin 1.03.2023 and is intended for four years. In parallel to the scholarship, the successful candidate will be partly employed at the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.


For more information, please contact Dr. Evgenia Chitrova at Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.. When sending your CV, please include the following information with your application

  • Your contact details and personal data
  • Your highest degree
  • Your language skills
  • Description what makes you suitable for the project
  • Contact details for 1–2 references

You are welcome to apply!